Is a userdb registered user, which has permissions of ring level 0.
    There exist multiple plugins, that are very dangerous to use (database
    admin functions), and should not be accisible to ordinary users or
    guests as well to not damage the Wiki setup or database. Therefore some
    plugins rely on ring level 0 (== superuser level).

    Means an "ordinary user" with ring/permission level 2, which is at least
    allowed to edit/ (and then of course view/) pages.

    An un/registered user in ring permission level 3 (which often is the
    default for EWIKI_AUTH_DEFAULT_RING+).

    A user in ring level 1, which has all permissions of ring 2 and 3, but
    also can execute more dangerous page actions like page delete/ or so.

    this name is in fact used as joke here, the term origins from the
    "virtual protected address mode" introduced in the i386/486 family cpus
    in the late 80s (which is/was the basis for NT/Linux)

ring levels
    are connected to the "protected mode" joke, the 386 cpu also used
    those ring levels (also in the range 0 till 3)

    Means the same as "administrator" or "root" (these terms in ewiki of
    course do not refer to your computers filesystem).
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You cannot modify the ProtectedMode file, but anyhow any ideas or suggestion should as usually get filed on BugReports, UserSuggestions or even better the ProtectedMode.Discussion.