Additional tools/

This directory holds some (external) add-ons, which are intended to
supply "admin functions" for the ewiki database.
It is strongly discouraged to integrate this with ewiki, as it could
be dangerous to have them always around and usually such stuff just
complicates things (wiki's should be easy to use).

Per default you will be presented a HTTP Basic AUTH login dialog box
by your browser if you try to use one of the www tools. This is made
to prevent other people from doing any harm to the setup.
In the "tools/t_config.php" script you'll see a link (include) to
"fragments/funcs/auth.php", which is responsible for this integrated
security feature. Just insert a username and a password here to start
using one of the tools/.
Please keep in mind, that the $passwords array of that ".../auth.php"
script has nothing to do with the _auth API or EWIKI_PROTECTED_MODE+.

Because the www tools (all stuff named "t_*.php") use the "ewiki.php"
script and the sample "config.php", you eventually need to configure
these tools separately (they don't need any ewiki plugins, but the
database ones, if necessary). So if there are problems (for example
if your ewiki setup is configured with ewiki_auth, which then could
overlap with the ".../auth.php" script), you may need to edit the www
tools own "t_config.php" accordingly. (Note: This is not required for
the default setup.)

If you'd like to integrate the tools/ as virtual pages into ewiki, then
the StaticPages+ plugin will help. You then needed to remove the line
that tries to re-include() your config.php and ewiki.php from the tools/
"t_config.php" script (else you'll break ewiki).
To load your tools/ as static pages into the wiki, you then just needed
a call to ewiki_init_spages() with the "./tools/" directory as parameter.
prev << "fragments/php-patches/*"
next >> "tools/t_flags"

You cannot modify the README.fragments file, but anyhow any ideas or suggestion should as usually get filed on BugReports, UserSuggestions or even better the README.fragments.Discussion.