commandline tools/

As opposed to the web based tools/ mentioned above, a few scripts in tools/
must be run from the commandline. That is, you need a standalone PHP
interpreter (/usr/local/bin/php) and shell access to your web server.

If you don't have shell access, you could write temporary wrapper scripts
(see the note for ewikictl), or use one of the emulation packages (or start
up a xterm on the server in absence of ssh access). A detailed description
is out of scope of this document.

UNIX users will find those tools very useful and handy, while they effort
additional work from Windows users. But then all those tools/ should run
on Win32 systems too, but you often want to create additional .bat files
to make this more user-friendly. There is for example a 'ewikictl.bat'
demonstrating this.
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