built-in MySQL support

The first implemented, and still most recommended way to use
ewiki is with a MySQL (3.21 or later) database. RDBMS work more
reliably and of course much faster than any other of the ewiki
database backends.

As the core ewiki_database() inside ewiki.php already includes
the MySQL database calls, there is usually nothing to do, but
opening a database connection before ewiki.php is included()
from yoursite.php
Please look at the top of this README for an example.

As PHPs mysql_() functions don't require a db resource link to
be given anymore, the ewiki_database() function does not pass
and thus does not require it too. (If you use more than one MySQL
database, you should take care that ewiki always uses the one you
accessed least.)
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You cannot modify the README.plugins file, but anyhow any ideas or suggestion should as usually get filed on BugReports, UserSuggestions or even better the README.plugins.Discussion.