If you use a relational SQL database other than MySQL, then you
may want to give this plugin a try. It itself provides a wrapper
for the PHP database access wrapper libraries ADOdb, PEAR::DB and
These wrappers themselves provide unified access to various SQL
databases in contrast to the many highly different db access
functions of PHP. Each of these db access wrappers has advantages
and disadvantages and so none of them is really widespread and many
users of course only jump on one of these trains. Because ewiki now
tries to be 'library' it will use whatever database access wrapper
you already have running on your site or container CMS, and the
highly simplified anydb_*() now tries to make use of it.

The plugin is based upon the current MySQL database backend, and
thus may not be compatible to all proprietary SQL variants.

Before you can use the db_any plugin you must ensure that you
either already have the PHP dbx extension dll loaded or the PEAR::DB
or ADOdb include files loaded. db_any will like to see an opened
database connection inside of the global '$db' variable. If
yoursite.php hasn't already a connection opened when ewiki.php
gets included, then you should preferably choose to use the
anydb_connect() function to do so (it will choose from PEAR::DB,
ADOdb and PHP dbx interfaces).
The '$db' connection handle can be shared between your site and
ewiki as long as it is a handle for one of the mentioned database
access wrapper libraries.

Btw, "plugins/db_adodb" was obsoleted by this.
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