Is a hack into the ewiki core, which will store binary/uploaded
files outside of the default ewiki database (as plain files in a
data directory).

Please also see the documentation on top of the plugin file.

Per default ewiki can store "binary" entries beside ordinary text
pages in the database. If you'd like to keep uploaded files/images
out of the db, then this plugin/hack will help. It intercepts ewiki
and saves uploaded data into a plain data file, and instead creates
a "binary symlink" in the database for it (just the binary meta
data will get stored, with a hint on where to later access the plain
data file).

This may sometimes be a speed enhancement and reduces size of the
database, however it has the drawback that only the main ewiki
script can handle this transparently and all admin tools/ fail to
deal with the stored plain data files (no backup support and so on).

By setting the EWIKI_DB_STORE_URL+ constant correctly (corresponding
to your wiki setup and where you store the data files, compare with
EWIKI_DB_STORE_DIRECTORY+) you can make ewiki create URLs directly
to where the stored plain data files reside (they do not contain
ewiki database meta data, and thus could be accessed directly by
http clients/browsers).

Please be sure to configure this plugin by setting _DB_STORE_DIRECTORY
to something more useful than "/tmp", so your uploaded files will
still be there after a reboot.
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You cannot modify the README.plugins file, but anyhow any ideas or suggestion should as usually get filed on BugReports, UserSuggestions or even better the README.plugins.Discussion.