including() this plugin enables ewiki to store the WikiPages+ in the
Berkeley DB file given with the EWIKI_DBA constant.  Your PHP binary
must be compiled with either the "dba" or the "dbm" extension to use
this (and the dba extension requires at least one other database
type to be enabled).

The plugin has a built-in list of preferred dba database types, but
it respects the filename extension of EWIKI_DBA. For example
"wiki.db3" would create a DB3 database file, while "wiki.gdbm"
resulted in a GDBM file, if that php extension was available.

The PHP dba extension can support the db types (if compiled for):

If you have the PHP "dbm" extension enabled, wrapper functions will
get enabled, so this works even if the "dba" extension is not there.

The .flatfile is often available even if you haven't compiled your
PHP binary for anything else than "dba". This may also often be
faster than one of the db_flat_files plugins.

If EWIKI_DBFILES_GZLEVEL+ is set to a value from 1 (fast) till 9
(very good compression, but slow), the saved pages will get
compressed inside the dba database. With 0 this feature gets
prev << "db/any"
next >> "db/phpwiki13"

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