The original ewiki database table structure was compatible with the
one used in PhpWiki+ version 1.2.x, however it turned out that the
PhpWiki+ project has yet not stopped completely and choosed to
implement a more relational table structure with version 1.3

This plugin is only meant for transition from PhpWiki+ v1.3.x to
ewiki, it should NOT be used to connect ewiki with PhpWiki+ forever.

Write access is disabled per default, but available. However it is
probably not fully compatible with the database abstraction and usage
of PhpWiki+, so it is likely to corrupt your database if you use it
for a longer period of time. This warning is mainly because the
'latestmajor', 'latestminor and 'minor_edit' rows in the PhpWiki+
database, because such stuff is not used by ewiki at all. ewiki also
tries to put some of the pages meta data into places where it could
eventually confuse PhpWiki+.
Write access is however done nearly as safe as within the ewiki
database access layer (INSERT statement to not overwrite existing

Again: this plugin is in no way meant to encourage you to keep your
old PhpWiki+ database!  ;>
Please see also "tools/ewiki_convertdb.php".

If you temporarily enable this plugin within the default/example
"config.php" or the "tools/ewiki_tools_config.php" you can also
utilize the very powerful 'ewikictl' cmdline utility to generate a
copy of your PhpWiki+ database in one of the backup formats suitable
for later use with ewiki.
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