melting / advanced plugin usage

The design of the ewiki script and the extension hooks and all
plugins makes it also possible to "melt" the core script with the
plugin files. This is useful to again have all functionality in
a single script, and also allows PHP to run it slightly faster
(because then the PHP language 'parser' gets invoked just once).

You would simply use the cat(1) utility (or "type" under DOS/Win)
to merge the plugins with the core script as follows:

   cat plugins/email_protect.php >> ewiki.php
   cat plugins/page/textupload.php plugins/notify.php >> ewiki.php

See also the paragraph on "monsterwiki building" in the main
README file. (The 'tools/mkhuge' script did previously what's
described here.)

Nowadays you would use the "tools/setup" console script (under
Linux) or the SetupWizard+ to make a monsterwiki.
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You cannot modify the README.plugins file, but anyhow any ideas or suggestion should as usually get filed on BugReports, UserSuggestions or even better the README.plugins.Discussion.