page plugins

The page plugins provide additional "generated/internal" pages, which have
a standard WikiWordPageName+ and can thus be referenced easily from within
ordingary WikiPages+. But they are of course uneditable (because their
content is 'hardcoded' as PHP code) and most action/ plugins cannot perform
any function on them.

With the rise of the StaticPages+ plugin, the page plugins are almost
outdated, because all their code could now be extracted into a StaticPage+
file, so their code had to be loaded only on request (instead of including()
them regardless if they're needed or not, how it currently is done).
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next >> "page/powersearch"

You cannot modify the README.plugins file, but anyhow any ideas or suggestion should as usually get filed on BugReports, UserSuggestions or even better the README.plugins.Discussion.