This page tries to collect some stuff, that did not fit into the ChangeLog and README files, but are worth a note (for example known compatibility issues and some script design and behaviour notes).

If you need some more informations, please also have a look at the page with the OccasionallyAskedQuestions+. If you'd like to conribute to the project then visit:

known bugs and problems

  • syntax for inner page anchors is likely to change
  • non-ASCII characters in some page names reportedly may yield problems in some cases

HTML validity

While the code produced by this wiki engine is rather good and senseful it is not always 100% valid, because users can always inject non-valid WikiMarkup sequences. The plugin filter/fixhtml may however help and make ewiki suitable for XHTML use (though use of w3c tidy is recommended).

Compatibility to PhpWiki

The database table structure of ErfurtWiki is compatible to the one used by PhpWiki+:, however it is rather untested if you can reuse them. Especially changing back from ErfurtWiki to PhpWiki is eventually not possible.

Compatibility regarding WikiMarkup

  • ErfurtWiki only implements parts of the new style markup
  • older markup (tabs to the left) will not work and it won't get implemented
  • the uploaded images are represented using internal:// references which are obviously invalid protocol identifiers, therefor you should strip them off if you reuse your wiki pages with another wiki software

design limitations

  • The database backend has been enhanced to gracefully pass previous memory problems, it however still works in a buffered mode. So the maximum number of possible pages (the point until most functionality remains intact) is around 172000 now (estimated assuming 5MB memory and an average page name strlen of 20).

random notes

  • 25% of the core script are comments and whitespace things (it are about 33% when measured in byte size)