Each page inside a WikiWikiWeb can be edited easily, and as writing a page should be very easy to accomplish, there are only a few rules, which are not all that senseless and annoying as the ones of the HyperTextMarkupLanguage.

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  • separate paragraphs inside the text with empty lines
  • use three percent signs %%% to enforce a line break
  • if you prepend text with spaces or tabs it will get indented

!! Headlines

  • use an exclamation mark ! at the beginning of a line to create a small headline
  • !! for medium
  • !!! for large headlines

text style

  • if you want to emphasize text enclose it in two single-quotes '' (usually looks italic)
  • text gets bold with two underscores __ (or if enclosed with two asterisks **)
  • to make text big enclose it in hash characters ##
  • you can get smaller text using "" likewise
  • a typewrite like font will be used if you enclose text in two equal == signs


  • start a line with an asterisk * to begin a list
  • use # instead for numerated lists
    1. you can create sublists
    2. subsequent list points should start with the same mix of * and #


  • just enter a WikiWord inside your text to create a new HyperLink
  • enclose some words in square brackets+ to create a HyperLink inside the WikiWikiWeb which is not made up of a valid WikiWord
  • any valid internet address (starting with http://) like http://www.example.com/ inside the text will be made clickable automagically
  • enclose a www address or a WikiLink inside square brackets [freshmeat] and assign it a neat title using quotation marks or the | character
    • [title | http://example.com]
    • [WikiWord "title"] or ["title for" WikiLink]
  • if you don't want a WikiWord or a http://www-address (or [anything] inside square brackets) to become a HyperLink then just prepend it with a exclamation mark or a tilde
    • !NoHyperLink, ~NoHyperLink
    • ![no hyperlink], !http://nolink.org/

Tables with |

just enclose things with the dash character
to build a table structure
browsers usually leave out the missing cells

Please always put an empty line before and after a table, so it stands out from other text in its own paragraph.


  • to include an image into a page enclose its absolute www-address in square brackets, like ![http://www.example.com/pics/image.png]
  • alternatively you could use the ImageUploading function, see EditThisPage

More markup

Please see the page about ExtendedWikiMarkup, if you'd like to know a bit more about available markup.