A WikiWikiWeb allows its users to quickly and easy add or change pages. Its best use is for collecting informations to one very specific subject to build a powerful knowledge base. But without contributors or editorial staff it won't be a very useful tool.

You can of course use it for other less scientific jobs too:

  • lite content management for a private homepage
  • as GuestBook
  • personal online NotePad
  • instead of a forum / message board

Click on EditThisPage to tell the world what you use it for.

For informations on how to contribute read the notes about how to CreatePages and the summary of available WikiMarkup, then try out the EditThisPage link on the bottom of the SandBox, NotePad or GuestBook.

The open aproach of a Wiki often works well, find out more about this on WardsWiki:WhyWikiWorks and MeatBall:SoftSecurity.