If enabled, you can activate the so called mpi plugins inside of pages using following syntax:

   <?plugin  PluginName  param1=opt1 cfg2="flg3"  ... ?>

The "..." may be multiple lines of text or more parameters for some plugins (TableEditor, SparseTable or WikiScript for example). Many plugins use at least a parameter of id= (but page= works as alias) to specify a target to operate on, others don't need parameters at all.

plugin name description parameters
BackLinks inserts the list of links pointing to the current page id=
BackTree creates a tree of pages linking to the current one id=, depth=5
LocalSiteMap summarizes forward links in a tree up to a given depth id=, depth=2
MultiMedia creates an <object>/<embed> tag linking to the given URL url=, href= or src=; also width=, height=, type=
RedirectLinks will make all WikiWords of the page link to another Wiki to=InterWikiPrefix
FallBack makes not-existing WikiPages link to a foreign wiki to=InterWikiPrefix
Insert inserts the given page into the current, usually with a border (table=), most _config settings can be overriden id=, table=1, (print_title=0, ...)
Embed like "Insert", but can only be used to insert dynamically generated pages (plugins) page=, (real=1 to force title)
Survey allows for creating polls/surveys, data is stored within a given (data/binary) page, chooseable options are specified as parameters (names don't matter) data=pseudo/filename
Syndicate loads a remote RSS feed into the current page (cached) url=http://...
SparseTable allows to create long tables by specifing content in plugin parameters; use either columns= or rows= to setup field/variable names, then put blocks of assignments (separated by newlines) before the closing ?> to add entries columns="nam1,nam2,nam3,..."


SqlQuery (disabled in the default distribution) allows to initiate a SQL query against the currently connected database, displays results of a SELECT (SQL query simply inside of plugin tags)
TableEditor wrap an ordinary Wiki table into the <?plugin...?> tag, because it then can be edited in a pseudo-wysiwyg fashion (place the table markup inside of the plugin tag)
WikiScript (not yet implemented) allows to use JavaScript+-like code to dynamically generate page content and interoperate with the wiki engine through a safe API (code simply inside of plugin tags)
BrainFuck executes the given code snippet in the BF programming language (give code inside of plugin tags)
SetTitle overrides the shown title of the current page (which else is the same as the page name) title="..."
BugReport brings up a form as used on ErfurtWiki:BugReports no parameters

Some plugins have special innovacation methods attached, which are activated by this syntax:

   <?plugin-link  PluginName ... ?>    (all plugins)
   <?plugin-input ...                               (rare)
   <?plugin-form, plugin-desc, plugin-doc           (rare)