A WikiWord is made up of two or more concatenated words with uppercase letters (this is often also referred to as CamelCase). If you write a word this way into a page of the WikiWikiWeb, you create a new HyperLink.

These are valid WikiWords for example:

while those are not:

  • IBM
  • somewordswithoutuppercaseletters
  • 123456789

You can also create HyperLinks inside your WikiWikiWeb which are not made up of WikiWords by using square brackets:

  • [This is a sentence in square brackets which becomes a Hyperlink+]
  • [I'm a link too+]

Sometimes you must be a bit creative to invent nice and talking WikiWords, but this can also be very funny.

The letter case does not matter in ErfurtWiki, so that 'ErFurtWiKi' points to the front page too.

Read more about this on the page about WikiMarkup and the page about creating other pages.